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Now we’re ready to go somewhere nice, to do star gazing and lay on the sand (wow a new way to flirt with a woman is ask her to watch bright stars! If a woman flirts back there’s still a 0.99% that SHE DOESN’T WANT THE D. Let’s fast forward because i still drunk those tequila shots (sometimes pinay loves to be a hard to get lol).

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– I’ve written before that a lot of Filipinas ask to borrow money.

Just casual encounter and a threesome that didnt went through. – Why do pinays feel it’s better to say they’ll hang out then when the time comes ignore your text instead of just saying no in the first place, do they not realize that we are big boys and can handle being told no? Because some pinays are not very straight forward people even men.

The five options are Low, Medium, High, Ultra, and Custom.

Low turns Texture Quality, Texture Filtering, Lighting Quality, Effects Quality, Post Process Quality, Mesh Quality, Terrain Quality, and Undergrowth Quality to Low, and disables Antialiasing Post and Ambient Occlusion.

Not since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System has Nintendo been so committed to the Super Mario franchise on its current generation console: 2007 was the year that Nintendo revamped the 3D Mario design with Super Mario Galaxy, and just six months ago the company rebooted the 2D design with New Super Mario Bros. Just a short wait later, Nintendo's returned to its first Wii Mario game to give it a second go: there is so much creativity, variety and challenge poured into this sequel.